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Sky’s unique ability is not lifting weights, it’s inspiring others to action. I’ve had the fortune to work alongside Sky in Amazon Web Services. During this time, Sky’s presence drove the entire marketing org to health conscious ways. Hallway conversations about dieting and physical accomplishments became more than a common occurrence. People visibly looked better after a few short months.

My life was changed forever by Sky…


Longfei Jiang
Senior Associate, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
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It’s really good and I enjoy the motivational videos you post for us. Thank you Aakash I really appreciate it.

Sanket Temkar
India, India

I’ve gained over 7 kg/15 lb by learning from Sky in just under a year. I didn’t even have to use many supplements, just the right food and hard training.

Ari Zourides
Student/Personal Trainer, Johannesburg, South Africa

I lost over 20 kg and dropped 8 inches off my waist over the course of roughly 8 months using the Skyfyl program.

Ziggy Cole
Musician, Maji Music Group - California, USA

After following the diet created for me I quickly began noticing differences in both my stats and physique. Being an ectomorph, I found it a struggle to put on mass but I followed the plan and stuck to the needed macros. I put on weight, gained a lot of size and became much stronger. I’ve put on 10 kg’s of muscle since starting the plan and I’m feeling better than ever.

Student/Bar Tender, Brothers - Utrecht, Nederlands

Sky has motivated me In so many ways. He’s challenged me to live a healthy lifestyle and balance it within my very busy schedule. The team is very friendly and is willing to help at any moment. It’s good to know that someone is watching you in order to achieve your goals.I lost 5 kg in 2 months and I haven’t stopped training

Bontle Moroka
Student, Pretoria, South Africa

The diet was easy to use and I got constant feedback and advice. I lost kgs in 3 months (92.3kg to 82kg) and I’ve had energy throughout the day. I lost weight, got stronger and gained muscle. The diet also took my cycling to another level as I was fueling and recovering properly. It’s not just a gym based diet, Sky customized my diet for my lifestyle.

Steffan Cloete
Amateur Cyclist, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sky is a true source of inspirational and valuable information.

Roddy Jaker Watum
Florida, United States, Florida, United States
Transformation 1

 He shows us how to really live the lifestyle because there are no quick fixes. People think working out is the hard part, but in reality its what you do with the rest of your day which is difficult. Sky shows us how to take charge of our entire day to really enjoy and dominate life.


Greg Swan
Student, Indiana, United States

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